Low-carbon Economy for a Healthy, Just, and Prosperous Quebec.


Our purpose is to raise awareness, equip and mobilize Quebec businesses to help them take advantage of the low-carbon economy, go beyond mitigating their negative sustainability impacts and recognize their enormous potential to create positive impacts on society and the environment.


 Quebec being one of the very few jurisdictions in the world that produces nearly 100% renewable electricity, our goal is to help businesses take full advantage of this asset, as well as other strategic assets of Quebec, to seize low-carbon business opportunities and create wealth and jobs, while maximizing the collective impact of the province on reducing emissions on a global scale.

Quebec net positive INITIATED AND SUPPORTS

A Clean Reset for a Healthy, Just, and Prosperous Canada.


According to a study by Institut du Quebec, affiliated with the Conference Board of Canada, the province has important assets that could be leveraged to drive economic development in the context of the low-carbon economy.

By positioning Quebec as a hub and accelerator of the low-carbon economy, we have the opportunity to strengthen our environmental leadership while creating a more prosperous and sustainable economy for all. 


“Too often, economic development and the environment are opposed
while in fact they go hand in hand.”



Anne-Josée Laquerre

President & Co-Founder

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