June 5, 2020

World Environment Day

Québec Net Positif

publishes a mapping of the low-carbon economy ecosystem in Quebec

By publishing this visual representation, we wish to highlight the existing and emerging growth sectors and levers for wealth and job creation,

at the heart of the transformation

towards a low-carbon future.

April 22, 2020
Earth Day

Publication of a proposed recovery plan to our governments for
a healthy, fair and prosperous Canada. 


The idea was initiated by Québec Net Positif, activated by the Clean50 team and signed by more than 230 leaders from all regions across Canada.



The co-founders of Québec Net Positif

both recipients of a Clean50 2020 award. 

Anne-Josée was recognized in the 'Education and thought leadership'
category for the sum of her personal and professional commitments
toward the acceleration of the green economy in Canada.

Alexandru was recognized in the 'Emerging leaders'
category for having initiated and co-founded the SAF + sustainable aviation fuel initiative, in addition to having co-initiated Québec Net Positif.


June 19, 2019

Following our participation to the Canadian Club of Montreal Spring Panel, Les Affaires published an article that recognizes the value of Quebec's

'green' aluminum ingots.

"An exceptional asset, available to the entire business community, is our hydroelectricity," says Ms. Laquerre. "On a global scale, Quebec is one of the only jurisdictions which produces electricity which is near 100% renewable. "

November 28, 2018

Our open letter is published in La Presse+

Open letter initiated by Quebec Net Positif and co-signed by twenty Quebec influencers.


According to a study by Institut du Quebec, affiliated with the Conference Board of Canada, the province has important assets that could be leveraged to drive economic development in the context of the low-carbon economy.

By positioning Quebec as a hub and accelerator of the low-carbon economy, we have the opportunity to strengthen our environmental leadership while creating a more prosperous and sustainable economy for all. 

Government of Quebec Consultations

November 2019

Brief presented as part of the

Electrification and Climate Change Plan (PECC)

Novembre 2017

Proposition présentée dans le cadre des consultations de
Transition Énergétique Québec (TEQ)


20 novembre 2018

Research Reports initiated by

Quebec Net Positive mentioned in

La Presse

Proud of our collaboration with the Institut du Québec for two economic studies which concluded that "the low-carbon economy could become an undeniable economic lever for Quebec".

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